Client Testimonials

"Robb is one of those few professionals who whenever you think to hire a specification writer is the first to come to mind. I have been working with Robb for the last ten years and recommend him constantly. Robb's professionalism and dedication to a project make working with him a pure joy. The final product speaks for itself. I cannot even count the times in the field when faced with a particularly and potentially expensive change order due to an error or omission, the specifications have come to the rescue. Thanks, Robb! I cannot say enough about Robb and the whole staff at Wil-Spec."

- Sherif Anis, CBT Architects

"Robb and his team provided specifications for all of the architectural projects I managed while at CBT. He was efficient, punctual, and knowledgable about the architectural marketplace, delivering specifications for very unique and demanding projects that served us exceedingly well during construction. I was particularly struck by how responsible Robb was when schedules were tight, or when we needed detailed advice on a particular product. I highly recommend Rob and Wil-Spec for architectural specifications.

- Roel Krabbendam, CBT Architects

"Robb and his colleagues have been a valuable resource for our company for many years. He is just a fountain of knowledge for all you ever needed to know about architectural product selections.

- Annette P. Austraw, Winter Street Architects

"What service, Robb! I am very impressed. My friend, it does not get better than what you guys are doing as far as service goes. I hope your staff and associates understand what a great business service and client interaction delivery system you have designed. Thanks!

- Javed Sultan, Kinoo Architecture